The FIRST Tri-Council Course!

June 26 - July 3 - Camp Tahquitz
Verdugo Hills - Host Council
Donald J Hansen - Course Director



Joseph G Kadlec ~ Verdugo Hills Council
Fred Leach ~ Long Beach Area Council
Gaylord P Patten ~ San Gabriel Valley Council
Dave Riniker ~ Verdugo Hills Council
Phillip Saumur ~ Long Beach Area Council


Robert M Barela ~ San Gabriel Valley Council
George Courtial ~ Verdugo Hills Council
Wayne C Johnson ~ Long Beach Area Council
Richard W Klink ~ Long Beach Area Council
Michael Nathan ~ Verdugo Hills Council


Jeffery Crothers ~ Verdugo Hills Council
David M Davis ~ Theodore Roosevelt Council, AZ
Norman A "Norm" Erichsen (RIP) ~ San Gabriel Valley Council
Hong Y Lee ~ San Gabriel Valley Council
Larry Rich ~ Verdugo Hills Council


Danny Barutta ~ Verdugo Hills Council
Ralph C Dayton ~ Verdugo Hills Council
James L Frederick ~ Verdugo Hills Council
Alan R Rosen ~ Great Western Los Angeles Council
Ralph Sirignano ~ Long Beach Area Council


Greg F Hansen ~ Verdugo Hills Council
Richard E Lundine ~ San Gabriel Valley Council
Fred Martensen ~ Verdugo Hills Council
William J Pyestner ~ Great Western Los Angeles Council
Ronald "Ron" Reid ~ San Gabriel Valley Council
James Renaud ~ Long Beach Area Council


Ronald G Bates ~ Verdugo Hills Council
Paul Preshaw ~ Verdugo Hills Council
Richard Rodriguez ~ San Gabriel Valley Council
Robert D Rybolt ~ Long Beach Area Council
W W "Tex" Shannon ~ San Gabriel Valley Council
Frederick Van Beine ~ San Gabriel Valley Council


Robert Darby ~ San Gabriel Valley Council
Floyd W Henney ~ Verdugo Hills Council
Lonnie R Mayo ~ San Gabriel Valley Council
H E "Whitney" Riel ~ Long Beach Area Council
David R Scarborough ~ Verdugo Hills Council
Tom Tenerowicz ~ San Gabriel Valley Council


Harry Anderson ~ San Gabriel Valley Council
Del Clark ~ Long Beach Area Council
Daniel R Davis ~ Long Beach Area Council
Thomas J Gross ~ San Gabriel Valley Council
George MacDonald ~ Verdugo Hills Council


Course Director/SM Donald J Hansen VHC    
Asst. Scoutmaster Robert B Greenley LBAC    
Asst. Scoutmaster John K "Jack" Hull, Jr SGVC Eagle W-51-42-14 ('74)
Senior Patrol Leader Raymond C Bates VHC    
Assistant SPL Don Sprague (RIP) LBAC    
Quartermaster Frank E Robie VHC    
Asst. Quartermaster Roy Skaggs VHC    
Committee Chairman Lester C. "Les" Albertson SGVC Bobwhite W-40-5 ('68)
Coach Counselor Robert Barnes VHC    
Coach Counselor Bobby L Gray LBAC Fox W-32-1 ('71)
Coach Counselor Gene Jay Hickle SGVC Bear R-12-43-31 ('72)
Coach Counselor William J "Bud" Kennally (RIP) VHC Beaver W-32-35
Coach Counselor Charles R Knight LBAC Raven W-32-35
Coach Counselor Donald E "Don-Timber" Schmaltzried (RIP) LBAC Owl R-12-14B
Coach Counselor Richard Young VHC    


Councils Long Beach Area San Gabriel Valley Verdugo Hills Out of Tri-Council Totals
Number 10 14 16 3 43
Percentage 23% 33% 37% 7%  
Number 5 3 7   15
Percentage 33% 20% 47%    
GRAND TOTALS 15 17 23 3 58

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