Robinson "Rob" Kaspar

September 20, 2002

Fellow Scouters of Gilwell:

             This evening, it is will deep regrets that I forward the following solemn announcement to the members and friends of the Tri-Council Wood Badge courses.  It is a compilation of information I received from our current 2002 Course Director/Scoutmaster, Mr. Roue "Buck" Hogan and from that contained on various pages of our own Tri-Council website.

It is a sad day for our circle of Wood Badge friends.

Robinson "Rob" Kaspar, long-time Scouter, participant and Staff member of Tri-Council ended his long and valiant fight with Cancer this afternoon (Friday, 9/20) at 2:22 PM.  At his side were his family and a few friends.  Rob felt no pain and passed peacefully.

In recent years, Rob had been most active as a Staff member on numerous courses presented by Tri-Council.  One of our premier trainers, Rob excelled in a program that he truly loved.  He will be remembered for his great sense of humor, quick wit, and his genuine interest in serving others.  There are many reasons to fondly remember Rob, not the least of which was his decision to go ahead with the "Wood Badge for the 21st Century" Course now in use.  That decision has made many of the current Course's staff member's efforts more effective.

Rob was a member of the HAWK Patrol, completed his Ticket and received his Wood Badge Award as a member of
He then continued the Wood Badge experience as a Staff member as follows:
WE4-32-94 Coach Counselor;  WE4-40-95 Coach Counselor, Eagle Patrol;
WE4-58-97 Co-Quartermaster;  WE4-40-99 Senior Patrol Leader;
WE4-32-00 Assistant Scoutmaster and  WE4-58-01 Course Director/Scoutmaster.

On a personal note, during and after the '95 Course, Rob was my Coach Counselor as well as for the other members of the Eagle Patrol.  He was a great inspiration and personal counselor to me and I was very honored when he presented me with my Wood Badge Award.  You can see a photo of the '95 Eagle Patrol by clicking
here.  Rob is the handsome gentleman standing on the far right. (Although Rob was a Hawk, to me, and in my heart, he will forever also be an Eagle - "birds of a feather you know...)

There will be a Memorial Service next week on Thursday, September 26. - I will present additional details if and when they become available.

Please everyone, join with me in the coming days, to pray for Rob, his wife Marje, family and friends.

Yours in the Spirit,
Jim Carter
Tri-Council Webmaster

In Memory of Rob Kaspar:

 Lord God,

    May the spirit of Rob shine forth for all of us to see. May his generosity and strength be as a beacon for all of us to illuminate our path in life.  May we strive to live our lives as he taught, and for those of us who he knew - that we may keep his memory alive.
    Almighty God, may we never forget Rob's cheerful smile, nor his laughter and friendly  ways; and may we draw strength from these memories to go on to act as Scouts and Scouters (the way he would have wanted).
    Great Spirit, give us the courage to continue on and may we know that Rob has been taken up - upon the Wings of Eagles to be held in the Palm of Your Hand forever.

 In your Name, we pray.


 - AND -

Rob, You walked this Earth
As an Eagle, but this was unknown.
To all who saw you
your destiny was yours to own.

But, God had other plans
"Because you are as an Eagle
you must soar", He said.
"Glide Heavenward, to Soar with Me."

Before all your dreams came true,
Before you completed all your tasks,
Before you had finished this Trail,
God called upon you to start another.

Rob, you have been taken from us.
Like a flame, you brought light.
You brought gladness to all who knew you.
Helped make the darkness of a young Scout bright.

Now you walk with God.
We pray that your spirit is with us
Like an Eagle leaving, soaring high,
To you we must now say "good-bye".

We must strive for happiness
Knowing that where Rob is
There shall only be peacefulness.
Pain, suffering and tears are gone forever.

Like an Eagle soaring skyward,
May our thoughts of you always rise.
We now live the example you set,
In the hope that the memory of you never dies.

Rob, you walk with God now.
Your Eternal Trail has begun
Never be afraid again, God is with you
For He has called you Home.

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